Company Profile

The entire staff team of Luxe Ceylon is comprised of extensive experience and and they are continually trained in the field.  The existence, success and  satisfaction of our customers, progress of the organization is depended on the  human resources and  we believe continuous staff training and  team work programs are necessary and  we have improved the quality of  our services to our clients.  We take all endeavour to ensure that all our professional team are dedicated and committed to our mission and share similar values and high standard of services to exceed the expectation of our valued clients. As a result we have created a brand name and we have a large clientele from all over the world.

About Us

Luxe Ceylon objective is to provide high quality services for those who are seeking new adventure in Sri Lanka and all over the world.  We are offering personalized, tailor made and cost effective solutions to the travelers and tourists.  We are committed to ethical business practices and Luxe Ceylon offers its clients an array of quality destination management solutions which   is the intention of any discerning private or corporate leisure or business traveler.  We are able to foresee constantly revolving   business and operations requirements and offer attractive facilities to our clients.  We are aware that you are traveling in search of scenic and beauty of the nature and look no more, you have come to the right place. Our objective is to capitalize on the natural beauty and environment in Sri Lanka to attract visitors to explore the core of the Island and its many hidden natural treasures and cultural heritage.  We will make sure that you are not a stranger in a strange land. We have creative Holiday packages and you can create your kind of holiday with us.


Our vision is to be the Sri Lanka’s leading Travel and Tours operator, reliable, stable and committed and providing value added services to our clients.


Our mission is aspire to be the standard of excellence. As   Travel and tour operator, the first choice of the most sought after by clients in the travel and tours field.  Our strategy is to working together as a team,   finding innovative services in a sustainable manner to our clients.